G Suite vs Office 365 Security

G Suite vs Office 365 Security

Cloud platforms have become a popular option for many businesses. The accessibility and ability to streamline business processes and applications make cloud platforms an attractive option. With multiple platform options, it is critical to compare the pros and cons of the platforms available. Two of the most popular options available are G Suite and Office 365. It is crucial to look at G Suite vs Office 365 security options because you don’t want your business to be vulnerable to any security threats.

G Suite vs Office 365 Security Approach

For years, many business owners have used Office 365 (now Microsoft 365). Its use of familiar Windows apps makes it easy to navigate and a productivity authority.

G Suite (now Google Workspace) is a newer platform but has a solid history and reputation for producing secure software. It is important to put effort into choosing the best platform for your needs.

There are many factors to look at when choosing the right platform for your needs, such as functionality, access, and design.

But security is one of the most important features you need to consider when choosing a cloud-based productivity suite.

Let’s compare these two platforms and look at the security options that each platform provides.

Data Monitoring & Protection

Google has a large network of data centers designed with servers to meet their needs. They also have a unique operating system for security and performance.

Data Monitoring and Protection - G Suite vs Microsoft Office 365

This gives G Suite the ability to have extensive coverage data centers with hardened servers. Since Google monitors its entire hardware stacks, they are able to effectively handle security issues. To ensure data security, Google has full data encryption. They have a strong track record of protecting user data of clients and customers from external threats. 

Google takes malware threats seriously and uses multiple strategies to prevent, detect, and remove malware. Both automatic and manual scanners scan the Google search index in order to determine which websites may be malware or phishing traps.

By comparison, Office 365 has had bugs to work out in terms of threat detection. However, they have recently updated their Exchange Online Advanced Threat Protection.

This offers an email filtering service that targets advanced spam and threats, including malware services. The Office 365 platform was designed and implemented with cloud security in mind and data encryption is a top priority.

Still, Malwarebytes has a huge database to check for and defend against Malware, so if this is a concern for your business you may want to give them a try.

G Suite Compliance Certifications

G Suite Logo

G Suite is specifically designed with strict privacy and security standards. 

It is fully adherent to compliance standards. Google also backs up compliance promises with strong user contracts made to establish compliant environments. 

  • ISO 27001, 27018
  • SOC 2, SOC 3
  • COPPA and the recently launched
  • EU Data Protection Directive and GDPR
  • User Access

G Suite has consistently struggled in the area of compliance.

This is due to a limited set of security management features in the Admin Console for IT administrators. Businesses should be mindful when assessing G Suite user controls to be certain that they cover their individual needs. 

G Suite has made improvements in administrative control and they continue to work towards developing new strategies. To prevent access to and the sharing of sensitive information by employees with unauthorized third parties, G Suite administrators can now more easily manage user accounts and govern user permissions.

Office 365 Compliance Certifications

Office 365 Logo

By contrast, Office 365 has a compliance framework with over 900 controls built-in.

This framework allows the platform to stay current with the constantly evolving industry compliance standards. Microsoft has established specific teams that regularly track standards and regulations. This assists in creating common control sets to be built into the framework.

  • ISO 27001, 27018
  • SSAE16
  • SOC1 Type II & SOC2 Type II
  • EU Data Protection Directive and GDPR
  • User Access & Administration

Office 365 gives administrators full authority to review and set up security policies around sharing content and allowing external users across various applications. It has user controls built into every section. 

Administrators have the ability to create custom security features and infrastructures that meet the specific security needs of their organization. There are extensive options in Office 365 available for administrators to ensure the security of data, business, and information on the Cloud. 

G Suite vs Office 365 Security Logs

G Suite’s documented activity logs cannot be tampered with, so there is always a solid record of activity. You can access the activity log through Google’s API Console. 

In Office 365, users can quickly modify or audit activity logs. There are also controls in Office 365 to delete activity logs. This is only available to administrators of the subscription. By removing activity logs users can exclude any data that is not needed. This makes it easier for users to search and monitor security logs. 

Automatic Updates

When it comes to automatic updates, Google takes the lead. 

No other service provider can top Google when it comes to regular and frequent security and system updates. Google Workspace (formerly called G Suite) is completely integrated with the Cloud, which allows it to constantly update and automatically identify any weak security spots.

Security Comparison - G Suite vs Office 365

At one time, updates in Office 365 were time-consuming and flawed. However, now that Office 365 is completely integrated with the Cloud, updates now operate smoothly to consistently protect user systems.

So Which Platform has the Edge? 

As you can see, both G Suite and Microsoft Office 365 are attractive cloud-based platforms loaded with features. 

Both platforms have their drawbacks and flaws to work on, but overall each productivity suite can provide businesses with the unique security preferences and demands that meet their specific needs. 

However, when comparing G Suite vs Office 365 security options, Office 365 has an edge over G Suite.

G Suite vs Office 365 Security and Privacy

Besides preventing bad data from coming in, you want your cloud software to ensure that your data stays private. 

Privacy and security are not the same, but both are of great importance when choosing a cloud software provider. 

You want a platform that will actively work to ensure the privacy of your company data. Although G Suite excels in many areas, unfortunately it falls short in this one. 

Advertisements are the primary stream of revenue for Google. Therefore, that potentially leaves G Suite users susceptible to their private data being mined and sold. This is the reality, though you may not read it everywhere. Data is where the money is. Google’s notoriously confusing privacy policies often result in the ability to sell user data to advertisers as they sees fit. 

Office Suite Security Comparison - Is Microsoft or Google Better for Business?

In contrast, Microsoft strongly asserts that they will never sell private data stored on the cloud or make data available to third parties.

This is a huge and important difference between the two platforms and one that users need to seriously consider. 

Recognize also that Microsoft has a lengthy amount of experience and a strong reputation for reliability. Microsoft has years of experience in productivity apps and other tools and knowledge of their security holes as well as how to address them. 

Google is the new kid on the block when it comes to the productivity suite arena.  It is important to highlight Microsoft’s reliability, experience, and commitment to user privacy when you compare the platform to other cloud-based platforms, including G Suite

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Regardless of which platform you choose, always keep the unique needs of you company and choose the one that you feel provides the best and most secure Cloud-based productivity platform that suits (suites?) your needs.

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