Office Software,

How-to guides, software news, reviews & comparisons, licensing tips, and much more.

Office Software,

How-to guides, software news, reviews, and comparisons, licensing tips, and much more.

Office Software,

How-to guides, software news, reviews, and comparisons, licensing tips, and much more.

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My name is Joe and I’m a small business owner from Maine, USA. I’ve managed a marketing team at an international travel organization, and now I own my own digital marketing agency, working with a distributed team from my home office. 

At Suite Guides I help individuals and businesses learn about the features, pricing, and value of software, apps, and computer productivity suites. From tutorials and guides about Microsoft Office and Google Workspace products, to reviews of malware and anti-virus software products, to actionable comparisons between the most popular project management tools, I’ve got you covered.
Software Reviews and Instructional Guides

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Software Comparisons

My latest articles comparing different products to showcase the differences between similar software, hardware, and business tolls to help you choose the right fit for you.

Questions: Answered

My latest articles in which I answer common questions people ask about software products, applications, licensing, and more.

The Way We Work is Changing. Are You Changing With It?

Office Software Product Information

Today’s workplace doesn’t look like the offices our parents went to. Every day more businesses embrace remote work and expand their distributed workforce by choice, or by necessity.

Understanding what products work well for today’s teams, and how you can improve communication with the best collaborative apps and tools available to you can help drive growth and attract talent.

Software Products for Individuals

Advice for individual users looking for more information or guidance on selecting the best office productivity suite or software product.

G Suite for Personal Use

G Suite for Personal Use

Cloud-based office suites provide users with productivity, communication, and collaborative tools. Although cloud-based office suites are prominently used for business use,

Cloud Storage & Computing

Both businesses and individual users are migrating to the cloud for secure storage and data processing. Learn more here.

My Latest Articles (all topics)

Office Software Blog Here are the most recently published articles you’ll find on my blog.

I write on a range of topics, but generally I try to help business owners and home users understand the features and functionality of SaaS products, web and cloud based apps, productivity software, and some hardware and tech that users would use in a home office, or as part of the remote workforce.

You’ll also find articles about cybersecurity tools and best practices to keep your files, information, and hardware secure.

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