Microsoft 365 Personal vs Family

Microsoft 365 Personal vs Family Comparison

Microsoft 365 is arguably the most popular software suite on the planet. It’s a staple in homes and small businesses, fostering an ecosystem of collaboration and creativity. But if you’re here, you are probably wondering whether you should get the Personal subscription or the Family one, instead. Keep reading to find my complete Microsoft 365 Personal vs Family comparison. I’ve tried both plans and I know what they have to offer.

LibreOffice vs Google Docs

LibreOffice vs Google Docs Comparison

Microsoft Office and Google Workspace have become two of the biggest players in productivity software. But many users avoid Microsoft Office because it’s a premium service. Instead, users have been using some of Word’s free alternatives. LibreOffice has become increasingly popular in recent years, especially for Writer, the suite’s document creation and editing tool. Both Google Docs and LibreOffice Writer are free apps, although they have different goals for their software. So how do you compare LibreOffice vs Google Docs?

How Can Online Collaboration Tools Lead to Productive Teamwork

How Can Online Collaboration Tools Lead to Productive Teamwork?

Many businesses today are looking for online collaboration tools to help with productivity. These tools can help lead to productive teamwork by providing a space for team members to communicate, share important information, and work on projects together. This can help team members stay on the same page and work together more efficiently. Let’s explore how online collaboration tools lead to productive teamwork.

G Suite vs Google Drive

Google Workspace vs Google Drive for Business

Secure cloud storage is one of the biggest computing technology innovations of recent times. Of the many cloud (online) storage service providers available, Google is one of the most successful with its Google Drive product – something both personal users and businesses alike can benefit from. Google has also introduced Google Workspace (previously known as G Suite), which includes low-cost cloud storage in addition to a host of other popular productivity apps like business Gmail, Google Meet, and more. While you may be familiar with Google Drive for individuals (which offers 15 GB for free), Google Workspace comes at a cost. But what are the other differences between them? Today I’ll compare Google Workspace vs Google Drive to help you understand which is the right fit for you.

Google Workspace Business Standard

Google Workspace Business Standard Plan (explained)

Many of us are Google users. However, as a business owner, you may be considering Google Workspace — or at least you’re curious about whether it will work for your team. Formerly known as G Suite, today’s Google Workspace offers businesses a range of online productivity tools. Included is professional Gmail, Google Meet video conferencing software, Calendar, Docs, Sheets, Keep, Slides (Google’s version of PowerPoint), and Drive. The Google Workspace Business Standard license is the mid-level (and most popular) option. It falls right between Google’s two other plans (Business Starter and Business Plus).

AWS vs Azure vs Google Cloud

AWS vs Azure vs Google Cloud Platform Comparison

The cloud’s incredible flexibility gives businesses an opportunity unlike any other in modern history. It means you can quickly scale services to meet changing customer demand without making any significant up-front infrastructure investments (and without the burden of maintaining that tech). But which cloud partner is best for your business? Today, I compare AWS vs Azure vs Google Cloud to help you identify differences between these premium cloud service providers, and allow you to choose the best fit for your business.

How to Set Up Google Drive

How to Set Up Google Drive (tips & best practices) 

Google Drive provides a secure way to store, share, and collaborate on files. But with such a large range of features, it can be tricky to know how to configure Drive for your business. You’ll want to set things up to fit your goals, needs, and preferences. Today, I’ll share with you my guide for how to set up Google Drive to make sure it works well for you and your team.

Can Gmail Recall Emails

Can Gmail Recall Emails? (sort of, here’s how to do it)

We all make mistakes, and sending that important prospective client an email before it’s finished, or hitting “Reply All” instead of “Reply” can be a nightmare. So, what are your options? Can Gmail recall emails, or are you up the creek without a paddle? Today, I’ll share the answer and explain how Gmail can help you fix your email crisis (and what settings to change to make sure this doesn’t happen again).

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