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Google Workspace Blog Articles

G Suite Free Alternatives

Google Workspace Free Alternatives (List)

Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) represents a comprehensive suite of secure cloud computing, productivity, and collaboration resources for enterprises. It primarily helps businesses succeed in undertakings that require numerous departments to work well together. For many companies, this means investing in IT platforms that optimize processes, streamline workflows, and meet project goals. Smaller companies may not want to make this investment to instead look into free Google Workspace alternatives.

What is Google Workspace Used For

What is Google Workspace Used For? (real examples)

Google has evolved over the years. From being a simple search engine, it has become an ecosystem of products and services catering to different needs. Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) is one such service that provides tools for businesses of all sizes. But what is Google Workspace used for by today’s business owners, and how does it fit into the larger ecosystem of productivity apps and cloud-based software?

What Is Google Workspace

What is Google Workspace?

In 2020, Google decided to say goodbye to G Suite, it’s increasingly popular cloud productivity suite. However, the product was not going away but instead was being rebranded as Google Workspace. Business owners who signed up for G Suite, or those comparing Google Workspace plans, are asking what the difference between the old service is and the new. But what is Google Workspace today, and how does it work for individuals and businesses around the world?

In today’s article I’ll provide an introduction and explain who may benefit most from Google’s cloud-based productivity suite.

Google Docs Word Count

How to Find Google Docs Word Count

We all know how easy it is to find your document’s word count in MS Word, but did you know that you can see the word count of your document (or a section of it) in Google Docs, too? Similar to MS Word, Google Docs will give you the word count of the entire document (including footnotes, footers, and headers) unless you select a section. I’ll tell you everything you need to know about using the Google Docs Word Count tool in this article, including some tips and shortcuts to save time checking the length of your document.

How Many Words Per Page

How Many Words per Page in Google Docs or MS Word

It is a question that a lot of people think about when writing reports or essays. Students and creative writers, academic and business writers often use either Google Docs or MS Word as their go-to word processing tool. Both tools have a word count feature, but it helps to know approximately how many words fit on a page. However, words per page depend on several factors such as font size, line spacing, margins, number of paragraphs, and even page size. In this article I’ll help you estimate how many words per page there will be when using either Microsoft Office Suite‘s Word or Google Docs for word processing, with some general average word count numbers based on document line spacing, font, subheading usage, and more.

G Suite for Personal Use

G Suite for Personal Use

Cloud-based office suites provide users with productivity, communication, and collaborative tools. Although cloud-based office suites are prominently used for business use, they can also be effective tools for personal use. There are several options when looking for an office suite for personal use but one of the major contenders is Google’s user-friendly G Suite. G Suite is Google’s answer to the Microsoft Office suite, and G Suite for personal use offers more advantages than just a professional Gmail account. I’ll get into the unique reasons why it’s a solid investment for individuals in this article.

How to Create a GSuite Account

How To Create a GSuite Account

Google’s G Suite (now Google Workspace) brings together your Google applications in a simple yet effective suite. G Suite allows you to professionally collaborate and address your productivity needs in one domain. So how do you create a GSuite account? The process is user friendly and takes around an hour or less to complete. We will break the process into three parts: setting up your G Suite account, managing your G Suite account, and verifying your domain.

G Suite Business vs Enterprise

G Suite Business vs Enterprise License Comparison

Whether you’re a start-up or a large business, G Suite offers users some of the best tools for collaboration, organization, and security. After deciding that G Suite is the right productivity suite for your business needs, your next step is to determine which G Suite plan is the best option for you. G Suite offers users three different paid plans:  Basic, Business, and Enterprise. As a business owner, you will want to consider the G Suite Business vs Enterprise plans.

G Suite vs Office 365 Security

G Suite vs Office 365 Security

Cloud platforms have become a popular option for many businesses. The accessibility and ability to streamline business processes and applications make cloud platforms an attractive option. With multiple platform options, it is critical to compare the pros and cons of the platforms available. Two of the most popular options available are G Suite and Office 365. It is crucial to look at G Suite vs Office 365 security options because you don’t want your business to be vulnerable to any security threats.

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