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Monday Alternatives

Best Monday Alternatives (competitors worth considering)

When looking for an alternative to’s project management software, you should keep a few things in mind. There are many options available, so paying close attention to the unique needs of your team, and starting with a clear understanding of how you hope your project management software will help your team function better you will make a better choice when reviewing Monday alternatives and competitors.

Google Chat vs Slack

Google Chat vs Slack Comparison

The workplace communication and collaboration market is one of the most hotly contested in the enterprise tech realm. There are numerous communication apps for businesses, and it’s difficult to choose the best one for your organization. Two names tend to come up a lot when looking at enterprise chat apps: Slack and Google Chat. Today, I’ll bring you a Google Chat vs Slack comparison.

Google Workspace Certification

Google Workspace Certification (why it’s worth getting)

Taking your business into the 21st century requires a lot of work. One of the most critical pieces for today’s business leaders is hiring a workforce that is proficient with new technology. One way to set yourself apart and advance your career is to show your manager or potential employer you’re prepared. You can do this by seeking out training for today’s tools and tech. To make the most of Google’s popular office productivity suite, you’ll want to get your Google Workspace Certification.

Microsoft Teams Competitors

Best Microsoft Teams Competitors & Alternatives

Microsoft Teams initially debuted in 2017 as a communication and collaboration service to compete with services like Slack. It arrived with major advantages: deep integration with Office 365/Microsoft 365 and Microsoft’s extensive ecosystem of enterprise apps. Since then, Microsoft Teams has morphed into much more than that, becoming an all-around workplace companion. Many organizations choose to use Microsoft Teams, but what if you want something different? Keep reading to learn about the best Microsoft Teams competitors.

G Suite Free Alternatives

Google Workspace Free Alternatives (List)

Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) represents a comprehensive suite of secure cloud computing, productivity, and collaboration resources for enterprises. It primarily helps businesses succeed in undertakings that require numerous departments to work well together. For many companies, this means investing in IT platforms that optimize processes, streamline workflows, and meet project goals. Smaller companies may not want to make this investment to instead look into free Google Workspace alternatives.

Is OneDrive HIPAA Compliant

Is OneDrive HIPAA Compliant?

There is a lot to discuss within Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliance these days. This can be especially true within the healthcare industry, where HIPAA compliance is a must for any organization that comes into contact with protected health information (PHI). If you’re using Microsoft’s office suite at your organization you may wonder: is OneDrive HIPAA Compliant?

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